Conservation action beyond governmental mandate is a vital component of worldwide efforts in protecting species and habitats and in achieving Sustainable Development Goals. The implementation of privately and community owned protected areas as well as company and individual conservation action is continuously gaining momentum - including for example innovative approaches in educative tourism. 

The Southern Hemisphere offers a striking amount of such conservation areas and projects, representing a wide range of motivations, sizes, corporate models and stories. Well known types in Africa, for example, are game ranches, game reserves, nature reserves, eco-estates or mountain retreats, amongst many more... These provide a set of invaluable and diverse benefits to society - both tangible and intangible.

We believe that the private landowners, reserve and lodge managers, project managers as well as all other actors and stakeholders behind these approaches are at the forefront of enhancing international conservation through their expertise, skills and local insights - let us share and utilise this knowledge! 

We have the vision of achieving a paradigm shift in the conservation sector towards a global conservation economy.



PLCnetwork of the Southern Hemisphere is a unique platform and consulting firm with a passion for private, community and company conservation across the global South. Our aim is to induce long-lasting social change for conservation, and conservation for social change.

PLCnetwork's mission is applying a conservationpreneurship approach to implement community development and nature-based tourism solutions together with private conservation actors.

Whether you are starting up or are established in the conservation and tourism sector since a long time:

We tell your story!

We promote your protected area, conservancy or eco-lodge!

We support your conservation initiative or community project!

We offer personal connections based on trust!

We promise professionalism and transparency!


We are:

  • growing a comprehensive interactive network of Conservation Areas and Projects across the Southern Hemisphere;
  • establishing a neutral platform for discussion and interaction around all aspects of private, community and company conservation; at the interface of academia, authorities, industry and citizens;
  • becoming a hub for exchanging knowledge, telling conservation stories, addressing challenges, showcasing conservation action, creating collaborations and establishing partnerships;
  • attracting individuals and organizations from all backgrounds and sectors to engage in our network;
  • avoid middlemen in the investment chain for conservation by offering our 80% rule for funding honesty.


PLCnetwork aims to increase the publicity, networking opportunity and business potential for our members as well as the engagement of the public in conservation.

Our network and platform offers an interactive geographical map, directory of members, individual member profiles, news, a notice board for advertisment listings and an internal member lounge via a login function. Further, we encourage the opportunity for any interested member of the public to engage and contribute via our communication channels, such as Facebook or the provided email addresses



DrBaum_small (1)

Dr Julia Baum is the Founder and Director of PLCnetwork.

Julia developed her passion for social-ecological systems thinking and storytelling in South Africa during her doctorate research work and subsequent diverse entrepreneurial endeavours, especially when engaging with stakeholders. She is striving to implement functioning wildlife economies which are transformative and inclusive. Julia is published in several scientific articles around this topic.


Sungeni Ruth Karonga is our Conservationpreneurship Assistant.

Sungeni holds an Honors Environmental Science from Rhodes University, South Africa. Her research explored the socio-ecological, economic, and legal drivers of protected area downsizing, degazettement, and downgrading (PADDD). Sungeni currently lives in Malawi, and is an invaluable team member driving our projects to thrive.


Jonas Baum is our Innovation Coordinator.

Jonas fosters innovative project ideas and develops collaborations with external stakeholders for PLCnetwork. He lives in Germany and works as Cabin Crew Member in Switzerland. 



 Associates & Advisors



Dr Serge Alexis Kamgang is our associate and advisor in francophone Africa.

Serge is an experienced primatologist and conservationist, residing in Cameroon. He is the Founder of the local NGO Biodiversité-Environnement et Développement Durable (BEDD), is Lecturer at the Garoua Widlife College and member of the IUCN/World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA). He is rendering invaluable support to our network in the French-speaking countries of Central- and West-Africa.  


Michael 't Sas-Rolfes is our associate and advisor for Conservation Economics.

Michael has more than three decades of widespread experience in land and species conservation, with a strong focus on the role of market-based approaches and global policy. He has worked across sectors in Southern Africa and internationally as a practitioner, researcher, and consultant. He is also the owner and manager of a private land conservation and rewilding project in the Western Cape.


Isabel Wolf-Gillespie is our associate and advisor for Conservation Leadership Coaching.

Isabel is the Founder of Earth Awareness, an environmental education, leadership and life skills organisation - and the manager of our member Tswehe Wildlife Reserve. In 2021, Isabel embarked on the MPhil Management Coaching journey at University of Stellenbosch Business School. Her coaching philosophy aims to develop leadership skills in managers and leaders of the non-profit sector as well as communities, looking at using coaching as a conservation transformation tool and method. As passionate adventurer and enthusiastic story teller, writer and public speaker Isabel has published two books which are available via Amazon.


Dr David Schmidtke is our associate and advisor for Social Marketing.

David holds a PhD in marketing from Griffith University, Australia. His thesis was titled 'Applying Social Marketing Principles in Low and Middle Income Countries: A Design Thinking Research Approach'. For the main study, he undertook an ethnography to determine key antecedents of school dropout in a community in South Africa. Subsequently, he worked with community members to co-design an after-school program solution. David has held numerous appointments at Griffith University as a Lecturer, Tutor and Program Coordinator. In 2017, David co-founded a not-for-profit called Via Sport which has delivered sports and conservation education programs to children in Indonesia and India.