Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of PLCnetwork of the Southern Hemisphere

1) Ownership and liability

  • The PLCnetwork, its website, its logo and branding as well as all directly offered services and activities are (intellectual) property of and managed by J BAUMCONSULT (PTY) LTD.
  • J BAUMCONSULT (PTY) LTD is operating under the following business details: Registration number 2016/417647/07; Tax number 9339850183. Banking: J BAUMCONSULT, Gold Business Account 62709285804, FNB Long Street, Branch code 201709.
  • Participation in the network, our platform and all related services or activities is entirely voluntary; J BAUMCONSULT does not take liability for any harm caused. Participants are solely responsible for their own actions.

2) Content and copyright

  • All content (e.g. images and texts) falls under the copyright of our team; unless authorship is stated otherwise.
  • For each piece of content authorship is stated accordingly for referencing.
  • Our team does create and manage content to our best ability and knowledge, however, we are not liable for any mistakes or harm caused.
  • Content as directly created by our team and network members or participants may be shared or referred to, however, only in unmodified form respecting copyright and providing corresponding reference. No content shall be used in a modified form, unless agreed upon (please contact us for an arrangement).

3) Membership

  • Membership in our network and on our platform is entirely voluntary, participants are solely responsible for their own action.
  • Membership activation or deactivation, however, is subject to evaluation and decision by our team to our best ability and knowledge in order to try prevent any misusage and harm.
  • Conditions, fees, procedures and offers relating to membership and advertisment listing are set out in a separate detailed description.
  • The confirmation and act of having a profile loaded serves as basic agreement to the terms & conditions mentioned on this website. Member data will be treated with confidentiality to the best of our ability and will not be shared with any other party.

4) Advertisement listing

  • Members and external participants may request to have an advertisement listed on our Notice Board.
  • Requests will be evaluated according to suitability and relevance to our members, clients, the conservation sector and the public.
  • Ads will represent, among others: Job postings, Research opportunities, Volunteering opportunities, Services provided by experts or organizations, Offers provided by members, Study and training opportunities. Content is evaluated and published by our team.

5) Public participation

  • Any member of the public is welcome to send us content suggestions via the provided email address. However, we do not guarantee that the suggested content will be used or published. Content is evaluated and published by our team.
  • Any member of the public is welcome to sign up for our newsletter via the provided link; participation is managed by our team.
  • Any member of the public is welcome to connect with us via our Social Media channels. Content may be shared as set out in above Section 2.