Greening the Roof of Africa


Together with our member Hudad Lalibela Eco-Lodge & Retreat we are embarking on a 10-year reforestation program. We will be planting tree saplings on a 200,000 sqm area on the Hudad Plateau in Ethiopia.

The Eco-Lodge, together with their sister business Maribela Hotel in Lalibela, has already planted countless trees in the area and the city. Now, the team is upscaling their efforts to create long-lasting impact for the environment and the community.

The Eco-Lodge team is monitoring this project and is employing Nature Guards to protect the site. Our aim is to plant 25,000 trees annually in the coming years. From 2022, we will target larger support for this project, whether it be in-kind resources, financial commitment or new partners!

Currently, we are crowdfunding for our first batch of tree seedlings to be planted in April/May 2022: a truck load with 4,500 saplings!



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Your direct impact with this project:

  1. You support the livelihood of local smallholder farmers! They are nursing our tree seedlings in Ethiopia. Samuel and Mikian purchase all seedlings from these local farmers!
  2. You support the employment of nature guards! They are planting our trees and are protecting the area with ongoing patrols.
  3. You support the local community of Lalibela! They participate in the planting activities, and they will make use of fruit trees which are planted as part of our project: 10-20% of tree seedlings are banana, avocado, mango, and shola!
  4. You support the reforestation of the Roof of Africa! This helps against soil erosion, and influences the natural water cycle positively.
  5. You support the education of our societies! Our project highlights the value of forests, and the importance of tree planting. You are joining global efforts of reforestation and restoration of habitats!


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