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FundaciĆ³n Lichak
Conservation Area
Game Reserve
San Miguel de Tucaman, Argentina
-26.8068306, -65.21718333333334

Fundación Lichak - Diabetic Alert Dogs Training Center and Wildlife Sanctuary

Shelley and Ariel currently live in Israel. Shelley is a spiritual healer and Ariel is a conservation and wildlife expert. They decided to soon relocate to Argentina with the vision of establishing a comprehensive programme. 

This programme, through a registered NPO, will be based on a large conservation property. It will incorporate the training of service dogs (mainly for diabetic conditions, possibly also for post-trauma, blindness or anti-poaching) as well as the development of a wildlife sanctuary with veterinary station. Local species will be rehabilitated which are under threat of displacement, habitat destruction or injury.  

We are now raising funds and building partnerships around the world. The aim is to collaborate with experts in the fields of health, social development, military, conservation and wildlife.  

Once the conservation area is fully operational, the Fundación Lichak (Lichak Foundation) will also offer nature-based tourism, support local community livelihoods and engage in environmental education and volunteering activities.  

Watch our interview here for more insights! Support their current fundraising campaign here!

PLCnetwork is proud to be able to support this journey from the onset!


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