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Kutchire Lodge
Conservation Project
Liwonde National Park, 230km from Lilongwe, Malawi
-15.036860, 35.296133


Kutchire Lodge was established in 2015 within the boundaries of Liwonde National Park Game Reserve in the southern region of Malawi. 

Kutchire forms part of a customary land bought by Sam and Lonnie Ncozana to build a lodge that is accessible both to local and international tourists in hopes of bringing positive attention to wildlife within the Liwonde National Park. It is operated under a concession with African Parks Network which is the organization that manages the national park.

Kutchire is bounded by the largest river in Malawi, the Shire River. The lodge is entirely powered by solar energy, its structures are built in harmony with natural surroundings and take advantage of material properties and structures to provide a natural breeze and air.

Liwonde National Park offers what is perhaps the premiere wilderness and safari experience in Malawi which can be explored from the lodge as travel base. Over 420 different species of wildlife are found here, including vast numbers of hippos, crocodiles, and elephants. The park also features Burchell's zebra, warthog, greater kudu, velvet monkey, baboon, impala, waterbuck, bush buck, mongoose, and monitor lizards, to name a few. Visitors may also catch a glimpse of black rhinos, lions and cheetahs. 


Community Highlights:

Kutchire Lodge established the Children Lodge Outreach Programme, where 2% of Kutchire’s earnings fund community projects, such as renovating houses for families in which fathers had passed as a result of Cyclone Idai in 2019


Future Aims:

  1. To support the communities around Kutchire Lodge by hiring native Malawians and creating opportunities for guests to interact with our neighbors.
  2. To implement an environmental education programme with nearby schools to instill positive attitudes about nature in children.


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