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Nyala Lodge
Conservation Project
80km from Blantyre, Lengwe National Park, Malawi
-16.2149361, 34.785075


Nyala Lodge, as owned by Jambo Africa, has a private tourism concession agreement in Lengwe National Park, Malawi. This exclusive concession provides allowance to operate as game lodge within a 10Km radius, but is not excluding the access to the entire park area of nearly 900 km².

Nyala Lodge as concessionaires is in partnership with the Department of National Parks to protect Lengwe National Park, to increase its viability through tourism and to involve the surrounding communities as much as possible through benefit sharing as well as sustainable projects.

The Lodge offers a diversity of activities including early morning and evening games walks and drives, night drives by spotlight and day trips to neighboring parks such as Mwabvi National Park or Majete Game Reserve as well as boat trips on the Shire River into the elephant marsh with or without fishing.


Conservation Highlights:

  1. Design and installation of 12 solar pumping units to water holes for animals within the park, funded by World Bank / GEF (Global Environment Fund)
  2. Built the Tisunge Heritage Centre at the entrance of Lengwe National Park, consisting of a museum, park gate/office, shop, library, 2 offices, 1 manager house, 1 volunteer house, maize mill house, storage facility; in partnership with Malambe Foundation
  3. Planted 12,000 indigenous trees through various initiatives, all seedlings grown at Nyala Lodge
  4. Cultural tours to Ndakwera Village
  5. Instrumental for the building of a 40 people capacity conference centre at Nyala Lodge, funded by World Bank / GEF


Future Aims:

  1. To maintain existing lodge rooms and increase capacity by a further 20 rooms, required to accommodate conferencing delegates which can contribute to sustainable project viability
  2. The heritage centre has since been handed over to the community trust but due to lack of resources it is in dire need of maintenance and a new objective. To increase income for its sustainability we would like to refurbish the 2 houses for accommodation as a spill over from Nyala Lodge conference delegates
  3. There is a dire need for preschool education in most rural areas in Malawi. Children generally start school at the ages of 10 to 12 years. We have spoken to Growing Star, a vibrant Montessori school in Blantyre, who have stated their keenness to assist. We would like to turn the museum into a Montessori to aid children in the nearby communities. If successful we want to try and initiate other schools in the district.
  4. Resource sharing within the National Park is allowed and encouraged, we would like to help set up bee keeping (hives) for community as an income generating project
  5. To form a Lengwe Conservation Trust


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