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Bua River Lodge
Conservation Project
Eco Lodge
250 km from Lilongwe, Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, Malawi
-12.8337222, 34.16097222



Bua River Lodge is located within Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, a national park covering 1800 square Kilometres of natural miombo forest found 3 hours east of Lilongwe and half an hour from the shores of Lake Malawi. The national park is managed by African Parks, a non-profit conservation organisation, whose responsibility is to rehabilitate and establish long-term management of this Reserve. Bua River Lodge has a concession with African Parks to operate within the boundaries of the Reserve, so offering guests a unique and sustainable travel experience within a protected area.

Top blend in with it’s beautiful surrounds the Lodge itself is built using local materials (wood and thatch) and all the accommodations are luxury safari tents, positioned in secluded areas near to River Bua.

Whilst a unique travel destination, Bua River Lodge is also committed to promoting conservation and minimising its impact on this untouched landscape. Equally, it is committed to supporting the local communities, offering employment, training and also income by employing and purchasing locally.

The long term plan is for the Lodge to be able to support community initiatives that aid income generation. Currently, Bua River Lodge is partnered with Youth Code contributing to their programs from each booking. Longer term there are plans to create a training farm outside the Reserve to help promote environmentally friendly practises, conservation initiatives and to start a local co-operative for the farmers there.

Offering a luxury wildlife experience to international tourists, Bua River Lodge is also an affordable destination for Malawians, providing them access to one of their best kept secrets. 


Conservation Highlights:

  1. Solarisation: Bua River Lodge runs on solar power restricting generator use to extreme weather conditions. Also, all our water is naturally sourced from our own borehole.
  2. Guided walks: learning about the flora and fauna of the area from experienced guides, who help guests understand the balance of nature in the Reserve.
  3. Reduce packaging: the team are always looking for new local sources of products and food to reduce the carbon footprint of transport. In coming years, we will continue to replace all products to be completely environmentally friendly.
  4. Community collaboration: along with African Parks, Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) and Youth Code, work with communities to raise awareness of land management, wildlife and environment conservation, in addition to creating jobs in hospitality.
  5. Local knowledge sharing: Staff and guests interface with the communities sharing knowledge and aspects of the different cultures. Both promote the benefits of the Reserve and tourism.


Future Aims:

  1. Creation of a farm to work with local farmers to optimise their crops, improve land management, introduce irrigation and crop diversity and set up a local co-operative.
  2. Become a training ground for hospitality/rotation program with staff being formally trained and become trainers themselves to the youth in the area. Potentially, take Malawian and international staff up in a training program.
  3. Promote Nkhotakota, and more widely Malawi, to international tourists. Raise the profile of the country as an eco destination of natural beauty. Working with organisations such as Charistay who support and promote this type of traveller.
  4. With African Parks and other charities such as Youth Code engage with local communities and encourage/sponsor programs to promote conservation, education, health and income generation.


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