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Thula Thula Private Game Reserve
Conservation Area
Game Reserve
44km from Richards Bay, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
-28.588816698936043, 31.75946137056921



Thula Thula Private Game Reserve is known as an authentic African bush experience and secluded eco-safari destination. Located in beautiful Zululand, South Africa the exclusive Game Reserve of 5,000 ha in size was founded by the owner couple, renowned conservationists Francoise Malby-Anthony and Lawrence Anthony, in 1998 to care for troubled elephants.

Late Lawrence Anthony authored the books Babylon's Ark, The Elephant Whisperer, and The Last Rhinos.

Francoise Malby-Anthony runs the entire operations of Thula Thula. She wrote the sequel to Lawrence's The Elephant Whisperer in 2018 which has become an international bestseller, titled An Elephant in my Kitchen.

Twenty-three years later and Thula Thula continues to impress guests year after year with its abundant game sightings, exquisite food, and exceptional service. As the oldest private KwaZulu-Natal game reserve, Thula Thula has the highest ethical standards, keeping up with modern conservation methods for the protection and enhancement of its indigenous and endangered species.

Wildlife protection is integral to the Thula Thula family with a dedicated team to guarding their rhinos and elephant populations. As evidenced by the establishment of the South African Conservation Fund, the Thula Thula Non-Profit Organisation is helping to finance all conservation projects such as counter poaching activities, for operating crucial conservation initiatives and ensuring the ongoing protection and survival of their rhinos and their other endangered species. Furthermore, Thula Thula has started the first step of the land expansion in October 2020 to increase their habitat. This solution requires new electric fencing as well as new roads, increased security, land management and the list just goes on, to keep their wildlife safe.

Thula Thula has also ventured into teaching and mentoring future conservation managers under the Thula Thula Volunteer Academy.  Volunteers work as an assistant Conservation Manager with Thula Thula’s dedicated and passionate rangers to learn more of African conservation and nature preservation. This social initiative also extends to contributing toward the uplift of surrounding local communities under the Fundimvelo Community Conservation Trust. Thula Thula’s commitment in enhancing the lives of their local communities is an integral part of their dedication to succeed in our conservation efforts.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Wildlife protection and rhino monitoring with a team since 2012, with 24/7 monitoring and protecting the rhinos and other endangered species
  2. Introducing elephant land expansion in October 2020 as an alternative to relocation or contraception
  3. As of the 5th of February 2020 a 1.5% community conservation fee will be charged in support to local communities
  4. Thula Thula Zululand Wildlife rehabilitation centre is about to reopen with a small wild cats rehab-for-release project, pending permit from the wildlife authority
  5. The South African Conservation Fund, the NPC of Thula Thula, fundraising for anti poaching actions, wildlife rehabilitation and land expansion for elephant habitat
  6. Thula Thula Volunteers Camp for conservation education for all


Future Aims:

  1. Continue the expansion of elephant habitat
  2. Improve the well-being of local livelihoods
  3. Continue the managing and maintaining of all wildlife protection and rhino monitoring
  4. Foster the conservation education of students and the public, through the volunteering program
  5. Expand the New Adoption Program which was implemented in November 2020, where a team member or wild animal can be adopted for ongoing conservation support


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