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Kalama Community Wildlife Conservancy
Conservation Area
Community Conservancy
Archer’s Post, Samburu County, Kenya
0.691108357016703, 37.61406111774841


Kalama Community Wildlife Conservancy protects an area of 16,000 hectares within the 49,800 ha of Gir Gir Group Ranch in the Waso Ward of Samburu East Sub County. The Conservancy also borders the Samburu National Reserve to the south and Westgate Conservancy to the west.

The Conservancy was established in 2002 in an effort to draw increased numbers of wildlife into the area by providing water sources and improved security through conservancy rangers’ patrols. The Conservancy was later registered as a not for profit company, and is a member of Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association as well as Northern Rangelands Trust.

With support from St Louis, much effort was put into community conservation awareness for behavioral change towards the appreciation of wildlife as a gainful resource and respect to nature. The effort also led to the identification of Kalama as a Grevy’s Zebra range and wildlife dispersal area from Samburu National Reserve.

The establishment of the Headquarters, the tourism facilities - Saruni-Samburu Lodge, Nasha Campsite, Nakwamor Community Security Rangers’ Outpost, Lentaragwet Rangers Base, Kalama Airstrip Waiting Bay, Kalama Airstrip Women Curio Shade - and the establishment of Kalama Airstrip with support from the British Army (BATUK) that remains one of the best in northern parts of Kenya, has enabled Kalama to be a unique community conservancy that can transform livelihood and living standards of the community.

Key values at Kalama are respect for nature and the Samburu culture, enhancing sustainable peace and security between the neighboring community conservancies, and above all providing a viable environment that can sustain both wildlife and livestock which remain their prime source of livelihoods.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Grevy’s Zebra range and habitat
  2. Protecting wild dogs
  3. Elephants’ corridor
  4. Habitat to Reticulated Giraffe
  5. Peace and security building together with neighbouring conservancies
  6. Sustainable livestock livelihoods for the community


Future Aims:

  1. Attaining conservancy’s financial sustainability
  2. Successful completion of Kalama Resource Centre project - to be a regional hub for the community conservation model, knowledgebase, conferencing, boarding and high luxury tourism facilities
  3. Adequate provision of water to wildlife around the conservancy
  4. Rehabilitated rangelands free from invasive species
  5. Peace and security among neighbouring pastoralist communities


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