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Reserva Natural Costa Rica
Conservation Area
Habitat Reserve
40 min after the path of El Janeiro, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
3.847154, -76.180626



Reserva Natural Costa Rica is a producing farm declared a Natural Reserve in the Buga Territorial Ordering Plan (POT) for having tropical, mature and ancient humid forests in a state of conservation. It is 16 ha in size and located in the Valle del Cauca, Colombia.

The Nature Reserve seeks to promote nature tourism as a responsible lucrative activity focused on:

1) Regulating the flow of people towards multiple waterfalls of crystalline water that exist within the sub-basins of the property and its surroundings; avoiding the contamination of solid, soluble and toxic waste for organic beings; and helping to avoid the leveling of green areas.

2) Promoting the conservation of native and foreign species of fauna and flora within the heritage center of environmental education with tourists; taking advantage of the knowledge and experiences of human resources focused on Agroecology; and being custodians of seeds with already developed crops.

3) Corporately developing the portfolio of services in the Costa Rica Natural Reserve; taking advantage of the infrastructure for rural lodgings with food included; fruit harvesting in a healthy and agroecological way; and tourist guiding with pertinent information and identification of inventoried species; thus employing indigenous women, peasants and rural youth.

These 3 proposals will significantly help us to find stability as a legal entity that is responsible for preserving, monitoring, controlling and protecting essential resources from indiscriminate illegal hands or corporations that seek to benefit from natural resources in the short term such as: * Illegal Mining * Hunters poachers * Sawyers of ancient and exotic trees, * Thieves of species, * Stealers of fine and exotic wood roots.

In the medium term we want to implement Beekeeping activities with multiple species of bees to achieve the expansion of colonies and promote pollination towards the entire flora, protecting these species and developing the responsible production of pure honey.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. The owner belongs to the School of Agroecological Thoughts (EPA). He is also a custodian of seeds in the Agroecological Markets Network of Valle del Cauca.
  2. We are providers of tourist services focused on the protection, conservation and preservation of species of fauna and flora within our reach.
  3. We are Founders of Coopetur (Cooperative focused on sustainable and responsible tourism).
  4. We privately protect mature forests from sawyers, sub-basins from illegal mining (as it is a gold-bearing zone), exotic vegetation from thieves, and native or foreign animal species from indiscriminate hunting in the region.
  5. We have mature organic crops of mandarin lemon, chachafrutos, banana trees, banana trees and in a vegetative state of blackberry and citrus.


Future Aims:

  1. Provide shelters, campsites or peasant and foreign pernados in exchange for money or work.
  2. Obtain recognition, resources and tangible tools from unions, individuals or private entities that support Colombian producers and entrepreneurs with farms focused on Conservation and Agroecology.
  3. Develop beekeeping as a tourist attraction.
  4. Find schools, universities or entities that focus on supporting and studying the indigenous biology of the region, such as birds, insects, invertebrates, plants, trees and mammals.
  5. Achieve synergies, pacts and / or tangible or monetary bonuses to develop the tourism portfolio and be able to buy surveillance equipment (Camera traps, Drones and Radios) to protect and monitor the Natural Reserve.


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