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Sumberkima Hill Private Villa Retreat
Conservation Area
Habitat Reserve
Sumberkima, Gerokgak District, Buleleng Regency, Bali, Indonesia
-8.138430819461126, 114.59941431735676



Sumberkima Hill Private Villa Retreat is located in the mountains of North West Bali, and offers a secret, serene getaway on 10 ha ground. It is a luxurious private villa retreat with dreamlike views painted in all directions. Sumberkima is ideally situated to explore and experience the Bali Sea, the volcanoes of Java, and Barat National Park right at its doorstep. The team is putting strong efforts into preserving the abundant natural beauty and is eager to help guests explore the mountain trails, ever growing reef and white sand island.

Sumberkima is supporting a locally run project: Metamorfosa aims to help develop the bay of Sumberkima in a sustainable way, taking into account the whole ecosystem and economic welfare of the village. Different aspects are: restoring the reef, improving water quality and job opportunities by introducing and supporting development of marine cultures like seagrass, seaweed, scallops, sea cucumbers, abelone, and mussels.



Metamorfosa aims to educate children and villagers in speaking English and better understand the importance of a healthy ecosystem for their future. The NGO has a centre to enable people to visit the bay, go snorkeling or on a kayak trip through the mangroves and educate visitors on the importance of mangroves and reefs and how to behave while exploring.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Reef restoration, growing and planting new coral
  2. Education to villagers and visitors on the ecosystem
  3. English classes for villagers
  4. Planting trees in the hills
  5. Developing job opportunities in marine culture and tourism


Future Aims:

  1. Set up a distribution network for direct selling of products grown in the bay
  2. Set up a network of artists who can propose ideas for artworks that can be part of the reef restoration
  3. Develop a network that can generate more sponsorships
  4. Develop opportunities for volunteers to help out
  5. Develop a network to enable universities to study the results of a diverse ecosystem rehabilitation


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