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Omogolo Bush Lodges
Conservation Area
Game Reserve / Eco-Lodge
Southern boundary Okavango Delta, 30km north of Tsau, Botswana
-19.9410861, 22.56486111



The Omogolo Conservancy, home to Omogolo Bush Lodges, is bordering the Okavango Delta on the southern side, located north of Tsau in Botswana, and is accessible by road. The land measures currently 1,600 hectares. In partnership with the local communities, an application has been made to the Land Board for an extension to 20,000 hectares. Omogolo Bush Lodges is a wildlife habitat enlargement and tourism project, and possibilities to extend the conservancy will always be welcomed and looked out for. 

Omogolo’s land is characterized by pristine bush, with many Acacia and Leadwood trees and open to grassland that is untouched by agriculture and fences. As a result, many animals enter from the Delta. With the increase of permanent water points, more wildlife will enter and animals can drink and bathe throughout the year.

Currently, there are three luxury self-catering tourism lodges at Omogolo, each for exclusive use of the guests, approximately 1 kilometre distanced from each other. All lodges are built at a natural waterhole – offering complete privacy and the sensation of being alone in the bush.

Omogolo is home to many mammal species, including Elephant, Lion, Hyena, Leopard, Wild Dog, Zebra, Kudu, Steenbok and Impala. There is excellent birding, especially around the water holes. Animal numbers are expected to increase considerably with the provision of water in the dry season.

Water is extracted from below the dry riverbed of the Thaoge river. By means of a seven-kilometre pipeline, buried a meter underground, the water is directed to the lodges. The lodges have solar power, solar geysers, and their own eco-friendly water treatment plants.

Omogolo and the areas around us are former hunting areas. When development of the conservancy started, animals tended to be shy and mistrusting. Over the past years this has improved already. Elephants come and drink in full view of the lodges and its residents and we are confident that this process will continue.

We invite you to share in this wilderness area, to enjoy its beauty and to partake in its protection, for those that follow.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  • Enlarging wildlife habitat as a buffer zone between the Okavango Delta and human settlements along the A35 road, aiming to reduce human-wildlife conflict.
  • Omogolo Wildlife Trust is a registered charity and supports projects related to Wildlife Conservation and Animal Welfare in Botswana and other countries. The Trust is non-profit, and its Board of Directors works on a volunteer basis, so all the income is spent on the projects that are supported.
  • Tsau Semboyo Makakung Community Trust - Omogolo works in close cooperation with the communities around the conservancy and local residents are prioritized for job vacancies. Future extensions will be in partnership with the communities, who will be a partner in the company that is holding the land.


Future Aims:

  • Increase the number of lodges at Omogolo, maintaining the inter-lodge distance of approx. 1 kilometre and the guest experience of exclusivity and privacy.
  • Look for partnerships to develop the extended land for conservation and photographic tourism.


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