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Conservation Area
Game Reserve
70 km North of Nanyuki, Kenya
0.43198, 36.92561



Tumaren was once ranch land used for livestock. The land was not able to support huge numbers of wildlife when we first acquired it because the cattle had always taken the best grass leaving little for the game. When we purchased the 3000 acre property the soil had become in some places damaged and eroded by the herds.  Despite the work ahead the beauty of the place captured us.

After only a few years of good management the wildlife began a steady rebound. Plains game increased sharply and our Reticulated Giraffe, Oryx and Eland began assembling in larger and larger herds. The predators also began appearing more and more and the elephant herds that once just passed through began stopping for longer, eventually making Tumaren a preferred maternity for giving birth to their young. Tumaren is also home to several critically endangered species.

Karisia offers a wide range of Walking Safaris, custom built to suit your needs. Our Mobile Walking Safaris are supported by camels who carry all the gear from campsite to campsite, whereas on our Walking Safaris from a base camp, guests stay at Tumaren Camp or a Satellite Camp and go out each day.

Tumaren tented camp was originally the home of Kerry and James (owners of Karisia Walking Safaris) and it has 6 beautiful sleeping tents, solar lighting and running water. Each tent can fit a family of 4/5 if needed or else kept as a double/twin. Guests staying here do walks, camel rides, picnics, go rock climbing and game viewing.


Conservation Highlights:

  1. Grevy’s Zebra - We census this highly endangered species and we are proud of our ever growing numbers.
  2. Mt Kenya Hartebeest - This species is in sharp decline and it is reassuring that they utilize our ranch.
  3. Wild dog - Another endangered species that uses our land and has denned within our conservation area.
  4. Reticulated Giraffe - Our Reticulated Giraffe have increased 1000 fold since we started managing our land for wildlife and we have been able to stop all poaching of our giraffes which was rampant before we began.
  5. Cheetah - Cheetahs as well as all the large cat species call Tumaren home.


Future Aims:

  1. Sponsoring our local library with books and projects for students affiliated to the nearby school, Kimanjo Secondary
  2. Continuing to improve soils and vegetation by rotational grazing and cutting furrows to catch seed
  3. Continuing to remove Opuntia cactus and other invasive species
  4. Survey all bat species
  5. Survey all ant species


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