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Dave the Cave Ecolodge
Conservation Project
2km from Nyakasharu Trading Centre, Rubirizi District, Uganda
-0.26080, 30.12365



Dave the Cave Ecolodge is located in Nyanzibiri, Rubirizi, Uganda. Rubirizi is a district in western Uganda renowned for its twin crater lakes, Kamweru and Kyema. These twin lakes are separated only by a thin wall of earth hence their nickname. The ecolodge is uniquely situated within Queen Elizabeth National Park that is adjacent to Lake Kamweru. The lake itself is surrounded by bush which is habitat to velvet monkeys, fish eagles, and over 130 other species of birds. Thus, the ecolodge is surrounded by thriving bird life, vegetation and waterfalls. Known for its breathtaking views of the rainforest, mountains and sea, it creates the perfect atmosphere for a travel adventure.

Dave the Cave plays a crucial role within Queen Elizabeth National Park. In particular, the ecolodge plants herbs and trees that the local museum then utilizes to educate their medicinal benefits to surrounding communities. The initiative supports the National Park’s cultural museum which also displays old hunting tools that were traditionally used in Ugandan society.

As an ecolodge, Dave the Cave is a relaxing getaway for nature lovers. More so, Dave the Cave prepares local dishes fresh from the organic garden to nourish their guests. The ecolodge is a unique destination for both group tourists and solo adventurous travellers.


Conservation & Community Highlights:

  1. Maintaining habitat for and protecting indigenous palms, tress and herbs
  2. Planting local medicinal trees and plants
  3. Habitat to more than 130 bird species, and velvet monkeys
  4. Research site for geography and volcanology students that have studied landscape formations
  5. Offering tour guide trainings


Future Aims:

  1. To preserve the medicinal plants at and around the site
  2. To increase awareness of site geography by involving more students, researchers, and others interested in studying geography and/or other disciplines related to landscape formation
  3. To maintain our wooden built structures
  4. To increase tourism at the ecolodge, and also in the surrounding Rubirizi area


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